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A New Day
Leading Lithium Battery Tech into a New Era
About Ganfeng LiEnergy
Ganfeng LiEnergy is a subsidiary of Ganfeng Lithium, an A+H share listed company (A:002460,H:01772). With Ganfeng Lithium’s brand, technology, and resources, and a promising industry, Ganfeng LiEnergy is committed to solve energy problems with the most sustainable resources and the most advanced technologies, becoming a pioneer and a leader of lithium battery industry globally.

Our products include solid state batteries, consumer batteries, small polymer batteries, power batteries, and energy storage systems, covering more than 20 specific types under these 5 categories. The battery capacities range from mAh level to hundreds Ah level. Ganfeng LiEnergy has first-class research & development teams and advanced product research & development line, and its products have entered the supply chain of many well-known brands.

Ganfeng LiEnergy consists of six core sections: Jiangxi Ganfeng LiEnergy Technology Co., Ltd. which focuses on power batteries and energy storage system, Jiangsu Ganfeng Power Battery Technology Co., Ltd., which provides
power battery system solutions for industrial vehicles, and Zhejiang FunLithium New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which is committed to promoting the advancement of solid-state battery technology, Dongguan Ganfeng Electronics Co., Ltd., which focuses on the research & development of polymer batteries for consumer electronic equipment, and Xinyu Ganfeng Electronics Co., Ltd., which provides customized services for micro batteries, Guangdong Huichuang New Energy Co., Ltd., which focuses on the battery pack integration business. As the holding subsidiary of Ganfeng Lithium, a lithium ecological enterprise, Ganfeng LiEnergy has the advantage of cooperate with Ganfeng Group, selects sufficient and high-quality lithium battery raw materials provided by the group, also matches the recycling service of Ganfeng Cycle, and creates diversified and customizable solutions for customers.

In the future, Ganfeng LiEnergy will continue to focus on the research & development and application of cutting-edge lithium battery technology and make further contributions to promote the sustainable development of new energy industry and the progress of human civilization!
Our Vision
To build the most innovative lithium energy solution with sustainable energy, to become the leading company worldwide amongst the lithium energy industry.
More environment-friendly transportation
Cleaner energy source and more convenient intelligent life
Our History
  • 2011
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2011
    Ganfeng LiEnergy was established
  • 2015
    Ganfeng Dongguan was established
  • 2016
    Construction of power and energy storage production line
    Ganfeng Xinyu was established
    Established a solid-state battery research & development center and build a full-automatic polymer lithium battery production line
  • 2017
    Strategic cooperation with Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences to build a solid electrolyte material engineering center
  • 2018
    Power and energy storage battery capacity increased to 1GWh
    Dongguan Ganfeng polymer battery production line with an annual output of 60 million was put into operation
    Ganfeng electronics small polymer battery project with an annual output of 600 million Wh was put into operation
    Construction of the first generation solid-state lithium battery research & development pilot production line
  • 2019
    Ganfeng electronics TWS international patent was issued and mass production was online
    The first generation solid-state battery production line with an annual output of 300 million Wh was completed and put into operation
  • 2020
    Feb 2020, Ganfeng LiEnergy formed a strategic partnership with an anonymous organization. (Can we disclose anything? This level of ambiguity is odd).
    May 2020, 200PPKD battery developed by Ganfeng LiEnergy becomes operational
  • 2021
    Ganfeng LiEnergy 2GWh soft pack lithium iron production line was put into operation, and the 5GWh production line phase II was started.
    Solid state power battery demonstration operation project started
    Increasing capital and Enlarging Shareholders, the investors include Xiaomi and other enterprises
    Wholly owned acquisition of Guangdong huichuangxin Energy Co., Ltd. to improve the layout of lithium batteries
Ganfeng Global Layout
Global Resources
Chinese Production Bases

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